Term and conditions

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 The access to the site www.kukturnariznica.mk is free.
 To access the site or to move and view its contents it is not required to leave personal data.
 The web site is intended for electronic sale.
 If you want to buy a product you will be asked to register and provide personal information, which will be used to deliver the purchased product to the address you've left.
 With the registration on the www.kulturnariznica.mk you get the opportunity to save your data, thus:
 - Will save time for the next order;
 - Have the opportunity to follow the status of your orders.
With the registration on our online shop you are required to create a username and password to remember for yourself and not give to other people.
 You are responsible for all activities undertaken and done with your username and password.
 To be able to buy a product from www.kulturnariznica.mk, you should register first if you are a new user, or to login if you are already registered.
 At the beginning of the registration you will be introduced to the rules and conditions for using www.kultunariznica.mk. By clicking on the, ''I AGREE” field you will confirm your consent. 
www.kultunariznica.mk is opened 24 hours for reviewing, searching and purchasing products. The store contains many categories as any other shop, with the difference in the way of choosing, paying and receiving the selected product. 
 All prices of the products in this shop are final on the day of the order and all tax duties are calculated in them, while the amount of the deposit is calculated at the time of confirming the order and depending on the address for delivery. 
  The selected products for purchase will be kept in your cart. Cart access is easy, simply by clicking on the symbol that signifies it. 
You can make changes to your cart in any time, to add or select a new product, and to change the quantities of selected products.
 If you have any questions or comments, please contact us on contact@kulturnariznica.mk or telephone 070 908 159.
      Most of the exhibited products are handmade. From there and quantities are limited.
      For any larger orders greater than 1 piece of the same type of product, please do order, which will be answered.
After the product is selected, the buyer can make payment via one of the following payment methods:
 - By credit card on the website;
 - Cash on delivery;
 - Per invoice that is to say pro forma invoice depending whether you have concluded an agreement on cooperation
The procedure starts at the merchant's website. The buyer selects the product or service offered and adds it to the consumption basket.
 By decision of the buyer to pay, and pressing the button, the buyer switches to the protected side of CASYS processing center.  
On each payment by the credit card its data is entered on the web site of the Processing Center.
 After the payment, the buyer switches back to the website of the merchant and also receives information about the payment performance.  
 Payment of the articles will be activated for all holders of payment cards VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and local cards from TTK Banka, Postanska Banka, Eurostandard Banka, Centralna cooperatvna banka, Stopanska Banka Bitola, Starter Banka.
In case there are changes in rules and conditions for use, they will be written and outlined with the date of the change occurrence. 
Last changes: 25-10-2010