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     Thanks for allowing us to be with you at this moment, on our page titled "CULTURAL TREASURE" and to present to you the history and culture of people through their creations.
    The roots of today's times and achievements are deep in the past. Connect with them through the displayed works in which the collective impairment of many generations, their habits, traditions and their lives are embedded.
    Each product is unique, with fascinating colors and shapes and of a unique value, containing the spirit of the time in which they were designed and carrying a story that attracts attention to the present times.


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Supported by
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia




     For the first time in these virtual spaces and time you will find what you were looking for and could not be found about culture and cultural creations. Authentic, traditional handicrafts, which manage to enchant you with their beauty and their wealth of centuries of tradition, life, experience.

     This is our and your promotional period, and the exposed products before us. All are unique, handmade and original works and one sample, until we can develop more samples.

     So, please, if you would like more samples, order them on our address: contact@kulturnariznica.mk