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      Accepting culture is assumption for emancipation of individual and communities, and condition for survival of arts and cultural development.
      Promoting a culture of the people we use cultural heritage as a resource for improving interethnic understanding, community development and cohesion of nations.
      We believe that culture engage and inspire people to transcend borders. The power of connecting for culture is essential for creating an open, inclusive and democratic society. And it is of great importance for the construction of the world.    




     The vision is a democratic society in which dialogue is an everyday tool for resolving disputes (conflicts) between individuals and groups. To build a society in which peace, multi-ethnic cohesion, tolerance and equality will represent the core values.
     Our mission is to encourage people to change the way of thinging for the global economy. We can see the world in which many small businesses,crafts, have more influence in the shaping of prosperous local economies. Cope with the heart to these economies make the world more fair, sustainable and more entertaining.
    As a first step of this mission is our web site called www.kulturnariznica.mk which is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia, as a project of public interest.
   So by applying the modern information technologies, especially Internet, all these cultural values ​​are available to anyone, anywhere around the world
    For the purposeof the missionand goalsare plannedfollowingongoingactivities:
-representation of the culture of the peoples of the Macedonia and wider through handicrafts and copies of famous artifacts as part of the cultural wealth
-stimulating craftsmen for retention and promotion of traditional crafts
-organizing seminars, thematic exhibitions, lectures in order promoting, promoting and increasing interest in cultural values
-issuing various publications with the theme from Mission
-organizing exucrsions and visits  famous cultural and other objects and events in the republic and outside it
-association and cooperationwith otherorganizationsin order torealizecommongoalsand tasks.



Be part of the time and tradition
     Be part of the time and tradition, let yourselves to choose a product for you, your family, your business partners, important dates in your life, and any ordinary day. Each product is unique, with fascinating colors and shapes and of unique value, containing the spirit of the time in which they were designed and carrying a story that attracts attention to the present times