Golden Cross

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Product details - Golden Cross
      Golden Cross, Theme from folklore
     The theme is made with filigree technique using color silver-gilt thread and placed in a wooden glazed frame.
     Handmade, unique sample. Size: large-28×34 cm 0.8 kg medium 22.5×27, 5 cm, 0.6 kg-small 17.5 ×21 cm, 0.5 kg  
       An integral part of folk costumes are decorations, and they depended on the occasion and the clothes. They were made in the form of a cross, various medallions, brooches, earrings, mangura etc.
    The cross as a symbol of Christianity is found in almost every part of life, although it was known long before Christianity. As a motif it is often found in folk jewelry.
It is a symbol of fertility and a symbol of renewed life. It is used from the birth, and follows the man throughout his whole life.
    In the preparation of the exhibits, besides the moment of authenticity, also the creativity of the author is present in the transforming of the discovered artifacts on the territory of our country
w w   Price 24.27
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