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Our desire

 Our desire is to recapture, unite and present in one place and in one moment all the creative achievements and top products of the human mind, in this virtual space and time, penetrated deep from the soul, inspired by life, and scattered throughout centuries and space.
Each product is unique, with fascinating colors and forms, and has a unique value itself. The spirit of the time in which they were designed is contained within them and they carry a story that attracts the attention of the present times. Thanks to modern reproductive top artists, authenticity of the period of their creativity has been achieved, and they cause a feeling like you are part of that time.
Techniques of production
 Techniques by which the products are made, are original folk techniques practiced for generations, such as:
 - Wood carving or carving in wood, where the theme is carved deeply into the wood;
 - Terracotta or manufacture of products with special technology from a special mixture of clay;
- Silver-gilt thread or a special and original technique of production of images of silver-gilt thread which fascinate with their colors and shapes;
 - Filigree products handmade items of silver wire or silver material, which leave a strong impression with its precision and skills;
 - Technique of copper on wood, where the topic is made on a copper foil and the same is applied to the wood;
 - Dolls dressed in folk costumes of natural materials which were used for production of original costumes and others.     
Your orders. 
      Besides buying the products presented grouped by their technique of manufacture, it is possible for orders at your request. Namely, if you determine a theme, a picture that you want to be prepared with one of the presented techniques, we will do it for you. You'll undoubtedly get permanent work, just what you wanted.
To be able to work out what you want, you need only to select the technique and to provide us an image or theme of what you want to be drafted. For this purpose, please contact us at: